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Workshop 1: Branding 101- The Power of YOU | Apply Now!

  • What is a personal brand?
  • What does your social media say about you (do’s/donts for athletes)
  • Is it all about follower count?
  • How to value your personal brand/pricing
  • How to secure a sponsorship deal

Workshop 2: Accounting & Agents 101- How to keep the money you make, who to trust | Apply Now!

  • Athlete accountants, agents and attorneys will discuss the importance of money management, how to find a good agency or attorney and dos and don’ts for negotiations

Workshop 3: Media Training 101 |

Apply Now!

  • Student athletes will learn the importance of soft skills while building their brands
  • Examples of good and bad interviews
  • Awareness of “cancel culture” and how it can come for them
  • Introducing yourself to potential sponsors and vendors

Workshop 4: Coaches & Compliance | Apply Now!

  • College coaches to discuss their insights on student athletes and ability to get paid for likeness
  • Compliance officer to give updates on the latest rules with NIL agreements and things parents/athletes should be aware of



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