“Let The Family Reunion Begin”

The Problem.

The COVID-19 crisis is hurting all communities, but not equally. It’s already clear that communities of color, including children, once again are on the frontlines of vulnerability.

Black youth face rising rates of depression, anxiety and suicide. Black parents have been raising children amid multiple crisis. Meanwhile, economic recovery looks different for women of color.

Many African-American communities in inner cities lack resources, access and opportunities within their reach. Many are open to new careers, higher education, financial planning and building wealth. Ultimately, they want better. They want more opportunities, options and chances. However, their everyday surroundings and challenges do not provide the space and/or opportunity to access and learn more to ultimately change the trajectory of their own lives and their families.

The Solution.

DTLR has a unique and unmatched consumer connection. 75% of our door base are street locations. We are not visitors in our own communities. We have built long-standing and trustworthy relationships with our consumers, community partners and neighborhood family. We consistently give back all year with an intense focus on culture & staying active in the communities we serve.

For more than 20 years, we have served our families through neighborhood clean ups, back to school drives, sports camps, feeding the homeless, high school takeovers, career recruitment, college scholarships and more.

We serve our neighborhood families through countless community efforts fused with education, entertainment, interactive experiences, opportunities, fun and MORE!

The Opportunity.

This summer, we’re reconnecting with our family through DTLR Summer Block Parties. Many have lost jobs, homes, family members and careers. Our block parties will re-energize the community by offering community resources, college scholarships, on-site job interviews, career options and free grocery giveaways.

The block parties will include:
Live entertainment
Free Giveaways
Artist meet and greets
Gaming Trucks
Fitness Challenge
Food Trucks
Fashion Vendors
Playground (moon bounces, inflatables, mechanical slides, carnival games, obstacle courses)
Old School fun (hop scotch, double dutch, Twister, Jenga, Spades & more)

This is for our communities and no one does it like DTLR! With built in trust, communication and loyalty, we’re coming home to celebrate, spread joy and provide resources and information to help our consumers grow, develop and reach their full potential. We’re stopping by to offer MORE!

Block Party Dates & Locations.

This summer we’re popping up in Washington, DC and Charlotte, NC. Click below to learn more and get involved!

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Partners & Vendors

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or a vendor at one of our summer block parties,
complete the form below and someone will contact you within 24 hours.

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    Get Connected.

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    about any of our upcoming events at lifestyle@dtlr.com!

    Sponsors & Partners

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    Vendors will have the opportunity to share information, sell products or provide a service at block parties!

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